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Choosing a masonry contractor can be Doubting task like any other contractor choosing scenario, especially if one is not experienced In this trade. Many people make the mistake of calling on a Mason Contractor who places the lowest price, in the end compromising the project. We have learned that each project is unique in itself, whether an outdoor patio, concrete slab, Belgium apron, walls Etc special consideration needs to be given to each To ensure its longevity and suitability.At Silverio, it is our fundamental mission to implement this idea in every project.

A perfect transition from the asphalt to sidewalk just one of many benefits of choosing A Silverio for your paving projects and masonry needs, we have learned that working with outside contractors on the same project may be difficult and end up costing more in the end when grades are not matched properly.

Picture of a Fieldstone and cement retaining wall.The general purpose of a retaining wall is too old and retain soil behind it.

Belgium block aprons, installed on 8 inch concrete slab with 6 inch stone base #4 rebar. Jointed smooth with mortar.

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