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With any driveway installed, the edges are typically weaker than the middle of the pavement, because there is a lack of support on the side.As a result, when you drive your car too close to the edge … or maybe even over the edge, Is that lack of support causes cracking and Crumbling.However, there is a simple step you can take to help prevent this potential issue… Backfilling! We suggest back feeling the edges of your driveway with topsoil for added support this also enhances the Aesthetics your driveway.Pack soil in the area between the driveway and the grass. You can also plant grass seed in the soil, as the Grass Grows you will have a driveway that meets up to the Landscaping.

Backfilling provides support on edges giving weight bearing support to vehicles that might accidentally drive off the edge does helping to prevent crack crumble and break off.

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